Intelligent CRM Metadata
Our Project Executive Summary Team and Management Goals

Start building your Own Homegrown

• Intelligent CRM Metadata for Your Business
Intelligent CRM Metadata Technical "Know-How" is what management and decision-makers need in order to take charge of their data and not to be dependent on vendors' tools and support
Our Intelligent CRM Metadata Project helps teams develop homegrown intelligent cloud solutions

• Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) Intelligent Data Warehouse
Extracting (structured, unstructured and Legacy) data, parsing-converting-structuring data into Java Intelligent Data Access Object (IDAO)-XML storage using SOAP and Dynamic Business Rules and developing Intelligent Data Services for your business.

• Intelligent DevOps Editor for Your Networks
Virtualization + Automation + Customization + Disaster Recovery + Roll Back Deployment
Our Intelligent DevOps Editor gives development teams or any departments’ teams (Sales, Marketing, Credit, Treasury, etc) the freedom of creating and customizing all their Virtual Server Containers and infrastructure needs for all their development, testing and production. Our Editor is "Turn Key" tool with the help of its GUI Interface, Roll Back Deployment is as easy as clicking a button.
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Data Issues
Data (structure, unstructured) is getting bigger and more complex. Storing, managing, analysing or making sense of it, is the main concern of every business.
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Existing Data
Management, complexity, performance and cost require that data must go through an evolution. We believe we have found the next level of data evolution.
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New Data Structure
Our view of data is that of the human cardiovascular system, where the blood circulates and transports nutrients and oxygen to nourish the body. There are different types of blood cells. The same principles can be applied to data which can be categorized to perform a set of specific functionalities.
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CRM Matrix (Indexing and Hashing)
CRM as a service would provide knowledgeable-educated choices for businesses to sell their products, airlines to manage their fleets or car manufactures to build their cars and trucks.
The question is how do Bit, Indexing and Hashing Matrixes fit in all that?
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Intelligent Parsers
Converting data (size and complexities) into a new intelligent format requires Intelligent Parsers where parsing databases (local or remote), tables, fields, files may have to run through several levels of parsing.
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Intelligent Converters
Our Intelligent Converters use Intelligent parsers and are automated to save cost, effort, time, and eliminate redundancies with an audit trail and tracking of the source of data and errors.
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Business Plan BO-Managers Structure Factories-Adapters Resources Workers-Workflow Cost Analysis
Data Factories-Adapters Tiers-Cloud Engines-Services Testing Plans Iteration-Milestones Cost Monitoring
Databases Front-end Data Flow Proxy-Security Test Cases Paths-Phases Outsourcing
Tables Back-end Security Commons-Exceps Training Change Control  
Fields-Files Security System Performance Utils-Logging QA Project Tracking  
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