Intelligent CRM Metadata
Our Project Executive Summary Team and Management Goals

Data Access Object (DAO) Data Structure
Our First Parser-Converter Seed With Java Code
Our Intelligent CRM Metadata (ICM) project is a part of our bigger project "Post Office" (PO)
PO is an end-to-end solution to CRM, Big Data, BI, Analytics, Security, Data Centers plus a number of other topics. PO is a new way of handling what is done by the big vendors such as Google, Amazon, the three credit bureaus and big data vendors.

Our Approach is to revolutionize data from being dummy stagnant storage to an Intelligent Data Services which automates, parses, thinks in abstract, makes decisions and gives options. Our Intelligent Data Access Object (IDAO) is memory resident data object which is an intelligent interface between our XML Database files and any running application.

ICM Big Data Conversion:
Big Data Conversion is not a simple task ; its size and complexity are growing exponentially. Our ICM project's goal is converting Big Data into XML-DAO (using Java and SOAP) which is processed faster and stored easier. This page presents our approach which simplifies Big Data Conversion.

Our approach to Big Data and all its issues, is to replace databases tables with XML files. Any existing Big Data (structured, unstructured and Legacy System) must be converted to our XML files structure. To make our goal attainable, we built a "Seed Framework" with working prototypes for development teams to use as a start of their target development (see our First Seed Java Packages and A Running Prototype Section).
Testing the target development can be done using our "Turn Key" DevOps Editor.

(ICM) Seed Framework diagram
Image #1

Looking at Intelligent CRM Metadata (ICM) Seed Framework diagram (Image #1), our architect-design's objectives are:

Create new databases with our SAOP-XML files
Must implement the dynamic business rules to address different business rules and buzzwords.
Parsing-converting Big Data from any structured data (databases), unstructured data (excel, PDF, xml, texts, ... etc) and Legacy System
Must be automated
Can be easily tracked-audit trailed-logging and tested
Follow the existing standards such as Java, SOAP, XML, DAO and Design Patterns
Create adapters components to perform the instantiation and the storing of IDAO, DAO and SOAP-XML files
Loosely coupled
Implementing Java technology, Java Data Access Objects, SOAP and XML
Can be easily integrated into any existing databases system
Build any number of different parsers and converters to handle any type of Big Data

Our First Seed Java Packages and A Running Prototype
Our First ICM Seed Framework:
We have built our "ICM_DB_TestComponents" project using NetBeans. We had chosen excel sheets as the project first input data for a number of reasons. First, most companies have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of excel sheets with critical data which is a big part of the Big Data dilemma. Excel sheets have no fixed standards in their creation or format, therefore they bring to our parser and converts the biggest challenges. Having copies of excel sheets to test our parsers and converter do not require any special effort as in the case of databases. Also excel formulas can be used in making our DAO an Intelligent DAO (IDAO). see the LINK IDAO Architect Page for adding Intelligence to DAO.

The following are the actual code of our for "ICM_DB_TestComponents" project.
We created our first Parser-Converter Java code and we called "Using Business Rule #1".

The following are our "ICM_DB_TestComponents" project input-out files and Java code files.
We welcome any feedback or comments and our contact email is:

Input Files:
       1.     SimpleInputExcelSheet.xlsx
       2.     BusinessToken_ID.txt

Java Constant Classes:

Package: Java DAO Classes - unstructured_data_idao:

Package - unstructured_data_parser:
Output Files:
       2.     SimpleInputExcelSheet_XML.xml
       2.     Debugger Tracking of Input and Output
       1.     ICM_DB_TestComponents javadoc link

Architect-Design in a Nutshell
Our goal of "ICM_DB_TestComponents" project to automate the parsing-converting any excel sheet to DAO and SOAP-XML file. It has to perform the following:

Business key words are stored in a Business Token ID text files to help with parsing, naming the fields, possibilities and accuracy of how to name the fields, methods and intelligent parsing and tracking.
Parse the excel sheet horizontally to figure out the DAO field's names, types and values and possible values, percentage of accuracy using the Business Token ID text files.
Using the excel row and column numbers (row * Constant + column) to create an ID index for formulas and functions to track and access.
Parse the excel sheet vertically to figure out formulas and functions, parameters, comments and labels
Parse the excel sheet vertically to figure out tables, rows and comments and label
Create fields (class privet variables) , methods (get() and set())
Create Java DAO
Compile and store the .class file
Create with excel sheet values and store SOAP-XML file
XML file tags are created with structure and ID to help with conversions to DAO. The size of XML files must be managed and automated for optimizing the two conversion XML-SOAP and DOA-IDAO

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