Intelligent CRM Metadata
Our Project Executive Summary Team and Management Goals

Our Project
Our CRM Metadata project is a part of our bigger project which we call:

       "Post Office (PO) ("

PO is an end-to-end solution to CRM, Big Data, BI, Analytics, Security, Data Centers plus a number of other topics. PO is a new way of handling what is done by the big vendors such as Google, Amazon, the three credit bureaus and big data vendors. Sadly, all these major players did not solve the Big Data issues, they simply used data without any new advancement in the data itself.

Our CRM Metadata is taking data into the next level of Data Evolution. Instead of processing data with its increasing size and complexities, we need to make data an Intelligent service where data processes itself. For simplifying, our approach is we look at data the same way we view the human cardiovascular system. Data circulates in any software system the same way the blood circulates and transports nutrients and oxygen to nourish the body.

Metadata means "data about data". Our approach for "Building Intelligent Homegrown CRM Metadata for Your Business" is our road map for:

Converting existing data into a new Intelligent format using Java and XML
Building Bit, index and hash matrices plus a limited number of tables to simplify all the CRM, BI, Analytics and customization-personalization processes.
Building Intelligent databases Parsers and Converters to automat and convert all existing data into our new format and matrices.

Our CRM Metadata site is designed and documented using our Project Framework and it covers projects details to give the site visitors how we handle our projects. The bottom of each page lists our frameworks project folders: Analysis, Data Structure, Design-Architect, Development, Testing, Management and Cost. Our project framework has more Project folders which we can provide to anyone upon request.

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Analysis Data Structure Design-Architect Development Testing Management Cost
Proof of Concept DAO IDAO Resources-STDS Model-STD-Specs Plans-Activities Budgets
Business Plan BO-Managers Structure Factories-Adapters Resources Workers-Workflow Cost Analysis
Data Factories-Adapters Tiers-Cloud Engines-Services Testing Plans Iteration-Milestones Cost Monitoring
Databases Front-end Data Flow Proxy-Security Test Cases Paths-Phases Outsourcing
Tables Back-end Security Commons-Exceps Training Change Control  
Fields-Files Security System Performance Utils-Logging QA Project Tracking  
Business Cases Proxy Business Rules Web Services Documentation Documentation  
Risks Web Services Engines-Services Model-Tiers-Cloud   Acceptance Criteria  
Risk Handling   Processes-Managers Source Control      
    Web Services        
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