Intelligent CRM Metadata
Our Project Executive Summary Team and Management Goals

CRM Matrix (Indexing and Hashing)
CRM as a service would provide knowledgeable-educated choices for businesses to sell their products, airlines to manage their fleets or car manufactures to build their cars and trucks. Regardless of target object, CRM is the key element in making sense out of all the target object's history.

Our Questions:

• How can CRM uses Big Data in providing knowledgeable-educated choices for businesses customers?
• Where do Bit, Indexing and Hashing Matrixes fit in all that?
• Can we reformat the knowledge in Big Data into numbers or math for faster and economical processes?

Let us look at an example, where an airline would build a CRM system for what is known as Trip Records Inspections. First, we need to examine some facts:

• Airline inspectors can evaluate trip records to reconstruct a particular flight or a series of flights by examining flight plans, dispatch or flight releases, loading and weight documents, weather documents, and other related flight information retained by the certificate holder. Trip record surveillance includes an evaluation of the quality of the recorded data, a check of the calculations for accuracy, and a check of the certificate holder’s compliance.
• All these inspections are most likely documented and stored in the airline's computer system
• The same can be assumed that the documentation for all the airports and weather, seasons, passengers, flights, .. etc are also stored in the airline's computer system or it can be purchased.
• These documentation looks like Big Data and it is probably growing

CRM System:
Building a CRM system which would evaluates the data history of one the airline aircraft and comes up with a number representing the chance for a successful trip. CRM would run the analysis for this aircraft. The analysis would cover the taking off from airport X, in the weather Y, trip Z, N number of passengers, ..etc. CRM system would also recommend other steps or procedures to increase the chance for success. CRM system should also evaluate the data of similar aircrafts.

To build the Bit, Index and Hash matrixes, the airline analysts must evaluate each factor and give a range from 0..10 or 0..100 representing success percentage index. Every success index would be composed of two numbers:

• First number is the success rate
• Second number is the index of another matrix for alternative processes or procedure which should be done to increase the success rate

New Format:
With the assumption that all these data exist in the airline databases, CEOs or stakeholders need to take a chance with building a small portion of existing data into a pilot project as an investment in the airline future system. The pilot project should perform the conversions plus building the new format and matrixes.

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